2018apr 26

Accelerate your sales!

Corda INCubator

Sales is like swimming in a lake of rejection - Michael Humblet


Are you stuck with your sales? Do you have that gut feeling you could sell faster or you are simply not closing enough deals?

In this all action Sales workshop we’ll dig into how to scale your sales. On the agenda:

- How to create a sense of urgency (aka close faster)

- How to generate more leads with the right customers

- How to build up your funnel with a value ladder

- Which sales methodology should you use

- How to leverage the Sales Sprint methodology

Join me and learn how to sail the sea of rejection!

Bio Speaker:
Michael’s 16-year career has focused on selling software and building sales teams in his capacity as Head of Global Sales at Real Impact Analytics, as former VP of Solutions Sales at Kofax, as former VP of EMEA Business Development at Spigraph and as Country Director Benelux. Currently, he is developing his own sales consultancy practice, more details of which can be found at www.chaomatic.com.


Where?    Corda INCubator - Kempische Steenweg 311 - 1ste verdieping Corda 1 - 3500 Hasselt 

When?     26/04/2018 start: 10.00h - 12.00h 

Price?      FREE