Be proactive, not reactive!


Managing and maintaining on-premise hardware on different locations is a laborious and costly process.
It is mostly a reactive activity, characterized by unplanned interventions, pressing deadlines and inefficient workflows.


But should it be? What if we could get remote access to these devices? And what if we would be able to capture data like status, errors, life cycles in real-time?

Surely, that would mean a huge improvement in terms of efficiency. It would give companies the power to make the shift from problem solving to prevention, from being controlled by sudden events to taking control over planning and operations.


It’s these kind of questions that kept our co-founder Bram Pieters awake at night. Determined to find the solution he set out on a mission and developed the first prototype of what would later become Guardway.


In 2013 Maecenas Group became involved in the project and invested in the further research and commercial development of the solution. Many prototypes later Guardway was born. Today it’s still our mission to help companies become truly data-driven and boost the efficiency and flexibility of their operations.