I LOVE Network is a production house and a media house for, by and about local people. 


First we create an online platform of a CITY. We make multiple facebook pages: I love Hasselt, I love Leuven, I love Antwerp etc. From there, we plan to create an online magazine where we can put more content like stories, videos, pictures etc.

After that we begin mobilizing our storytelling community which will make stories that invite people to those platforms and encourage them to share their own. We invite local bloggers, photographers, dancers, musicians, chefs, graphic designers, vloggers, poets, both amateur and professional. We ask them to make products that they love and inspire them with our branding style to share this on our social media platform to generate followers.

Then, revenue is generated by selling our product to the local businesses. We write about our experiences in their shops or restaurants; we create a video with the logo of the advertising company or city in the corner, we make choreography, music, feel good campaigns and recipes with the city context.

We will partner with local authorities, schools, business organisations, and clubs as our content partners. Our local community is rewarded with money, free training and opportunity to do networking between amateur and professional within the team.